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The quickest and easiest way to create and share grocery shopping lists. And more...

Manage pantry & item stock

Plan your meals in advance

Store reward cards on your phone

Create & organize Todo lists

Create & organize recipes

Create intuitive shopping lists

Visual shopping lists

Create Quick Shopping Lists

Create shopping lists by simply tapping on our built-in catalog containing 1000's of everyday grocery items.

Lookup deals and sales at your local retailer

Lookup local catalog sales for 100's of nationwide retailers. Add items to your shopping list with one tap.

Create shopping lists with items from your favorite brands

Search through our database of millions of products which also includes average nationwide pricing. Add items to your shopping list with a simple tap.

Powerful List Features

  • Sort your lists to match the aisles at your store.
  • See store timings and get to know if your store is currently open just by glancing at the home screen.
  • Grocery King saves your full shopping history so that you can refer to it whenever you have a need.
  • Save a copy of your receipt within the app for easy returns when you need it.
  • Compare prices between stores and get to know if it is cheaper or more expensive compared to other stores.
  • Grocery King intelligently scans your shopping history and lets you know whether you paid more or less compared to the previous times.
  • Password protected lists
  • Sort your stores by distance & plan your shopping efficiently.
  • List specific favorites.
  • Catalog search.
  • Complete freedom to modify the existing catalog to suit your needs. Edit / remove existing catalog items, create sub folders and re-organize items according to your requirements.
  • Grocery king can alert you if you are nearby a store and you have any high priority items in your lists.
  • Home screen widget.


Grocery King helps you collect and organize your personal recipes and allows you to easily add recipes from popular websites


Know exactly what recipes you can cook because the app keeps track of ingredients you have in stock

  • Clip recipes from 100's of popular websites. Get access to millions of recipes that can be clipped and saved within Grocery King including ingredients, directions and photos.
  • Search recipes by ingredient or name

Recipe clipper desktop app

  • Clip and organize recipes from the comfort of your desktop computer. You can add your own recipes, organize recipes in different categories, add/update ingredients, add recipe directions and everything in between. The best part is that it syncs seamlessly with the Grocery King App installed on your iPhone.
  • Works on any Mac or Windows PC having chrome browser

Meal Planner

Plan your meals in advance. It just takes a few minutes to setup a weekly plan. Just tap on the date and pick the recipe and the meal type (breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner)


Monthly or weekly calendar views to get a bigger picture of your meal schedule.


E-Mail your bi-weekly meal plan


Quickly know if all items for a meal are in stock before adding meal to the meal schedule.

Pantry Stock & Beyond

Track item stock whether it's your perishables in your fridge, chips in your pantry, toiler paper in the bathroom or medicines in your medicine cabinet


Know exactly what you have in hand & save yourself time & money every time you go out for shopping


Know when your perishables/food will expire.


Setup reminder alerts to remind you before an item expires

Todo Lists

Create task lists for things like vacation planning, school projects, work, personal errands, movies to watch & more


Drag & drop to re-arrange tasks, setup priorities, setup due date and reminder and be alerted before your task due date.


Group your tasks based on priority and starred. See all your tasks in one single view (Master list)


Password protected lists, create sub tasks, sort your tasks by multiple parameters, Beautiful themes.

Reward Cards

& Coupons

Digitize your reward/loyalty/library card


Pick from 1000's of ready to add retailers with logos and offers built-in


No bar code no problem you can enter the card number manually. You can also save a photo of your card in the app.


Save coupon information within the app like coupon code or bar code. Get reminded before the coupon expires.

Unlock the full power of Grocery King




Lookup local catalog sales for 100's of nationwide retailers. Save money by shopping only for the best deals.

Effortlessly lookup millions of items from our cloud database and create shopping lists with your favorite items with minimal typing.

Save time and effort by planning your meals in advance. Use monthly or weekly calendar to get a bigger picture of meal schedule.




No need to type in recipes manually, just search for recipes by ingredient or name and let the app find matching recipes that you can import.

Organize your recipe catalog from the comfort of your laptop or desktop computer. Sync all changes you make to your mobile device.

See all your high priority items conveniently on your iPhone's today screen without needing to open the app. Check off an item directly from todays screen.

The quickest and easiest way to create and share grocery shopping lists & recipes.

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