Grocery King


Todo Lists

Grocery King offers a powerful & fully featured todo list application that can help you manage everyday tasks like personal errands, vacation planning, school projects, work tasks, movies to watch, books to read and more.


No matter what you’re planning, how big or small the task may be, Grocery King makes it super easy to get stuff done.

Add multiple tasks to your list quickly. Copy and paste from an e-mail, no typing required

Adding multiple tasks into the application is pretty easy. Just tap on the big plus button and start typing the task and tap on enter to save and create a new task.


You could also import tasks quickly by copy pasting from an e-mail, each line o text becomes a task inside the app.

Set an optional end date for your task and get reminded before its due date

Setup due date for tasks for example "Pay credit card bill" by 21st Feb. You can also quickly setup reminder to alert you a couple of days before due date.

Attach a note to your task

Add extra information to your task as a note. See your note summary right on the tasks screen, tap to see the full note.

Does a task require multiple steps?

Sub tasks to the rescue.

Many tasks require multiple steps to be deemed completed. With Grocery King you can create sub tasks in the form of checklists which can be checked off as you complete one by one. A task having multiple sub tasks shows a push pin icon on the main screen.

Mark a task as starred or as high priority. Sort or rearrange your tasks in multiple ways

You can mark tasks as high priority and sort the list by high priority to see your priority tasks on the top of the list. You could also mark a task as starred so that you can further group them according to your needs.


You could also drag & drop to arrange your task list exactly the way you want it.

See all your tasks in one place in the Master list.

Master list is a unified list containing all your tasks from your custom lists. Master list provides a convenient view to see all your lists at one place and provides the ability to check off or make changes to them from one place.

See whats due in the next 7 days, your starred tasks and all high priority tasks in one single view.

Grocery King provides 3 convenient views to see all your tasks that are due in the next 7 days, see all your starred tasks and all your high priority tasks.

Create private password protected task list

Protect your private task lists with a password. Unlock your task list by using iPhone's built in finger print scanner.

Pick from 30 beautiful themes to make your task list stand out and be unique

Unlock the full power of Grocery King




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