Grocery King



Organize your stock items categorically for easy access

Pick from 18 built-in storage categories like pantry, fridge, freezer, garage, medicine shelf, bathroom, basement, kitchen, attic and many more.

Keep track of item stock whether it's your groceries in your fridge, chips in your pantry, toilet paper in the bathroom or medicines in your medicine cabinet.


Know exactly what you have in hand and save yourself time and money every time you go for shopping.

Create your stock catalog with minimal typing and effort.

Search or lookup product bar-code to fetch detailed product information from our massive product database covering millions of everyday products.

Maintain item expiry and stock quantity with quick shortcuts

Swipe left or right on an item to get to quick shortcuts to quickly manage your item stock.

Setup repetitive items to automatically add to shopping list after item expires.

Easily setup repetitive purchases, for example buying milk every week on a Saturday. This will make sure milk gets added to your shopping list every Saturday and also deducts milk stock by that amount automatically.

Get notified of an item expiring before it actually expires.

Setup item expiry alerts so that your phone can alert you with a notification alerting you of items expiring soon.

Scan barcode to increment or decrement stock.

Once you have setup your stock catalog use the convenience of barcode scanning to quickly increment or decrement item stock without needing to type.

Filter or sort your long item catalog to get to items quicker

Sort items in your catalog in many different ways to manage items in a long list. Filter or search by item name to quickly get to an item your are looking for.

Unlock the full power of Grocery King




Lookup local catalog sales for 100's of nationwide retailers. Save money by shopping only for the best deals.

Effortlessly lookup millions of items from our cloud database and create shopping lists with your favorite items with minimal typing.

Save time and effort by planning your meals in advance. Use monthly or weekly calendar to get a bigger picture of meal schedule.




No need to type in recipes manually, just search for recipes by ingredient or name and let the app find matching recipes that you can import.

Organize your recipe catalog from the comfort of your laptop or desktop computer. Sync all changes you make to your mobile device.

See all your high priority items conveniently on your iPhone's today screen without needing to open the app. Check off an item directly from todays screen.

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