Grocery King offers a powerful way to collect and organize your personal recipe collection and also allows you quickly to add recipes from popular websites.


Quickly search through recipes by typing an ingredient or recipe name.


Group recipes into one or more categories like Appetizers and Holiday Specials.

Clip recipes from popular websites

  • Clip recipes from 100's of popular websites. Get access to millions of recipes that can be clipped and saved within Grocery King including ingredients, directions and photos.
  • Search recipes by ingredient or name

Recipe clipper desktop app

  • Clip and organize recipes from the comfort of your desktop computer. You can add your own recipes, organize recipes in different categories, add/update ingredients, add recipe directions and everything in between. The best part is that it syncs seamlessly with the Grocery King App installed on your iPhone.
  • Works on any Mac or Windows PC having chrome browser

Add your own recipes into the app along with ingredient list and directions.

Add your own custom recipe to the collection. Prepare an ingredient list by searching for items in the built-in catalog of 1000's of ready to use ingredients.

Add recipe

Search ingredients

Ingredient List

Quickly know what recipes can be cooked today by looking at ingredient stock.

Grocery King allows you to optionally keep track of ingredient stock thereby letting you know what recipes can be prepared right away. Ingredient stock can be set directly from the ingredient list via a quick short cut.

Stock Level

Stock shortcut

Update stock level

Group and catalog your recipes into different categories.

Organize your recipe collection by grouping them in one or more recipe categories.

Search recipes by ingredient or recipe name

Lookup your favorite recipe by its name or an ingredient in that recipe. You could also search for all recipes that have a particular ingredient.


You could further refine your search by setting a filter to only show recipes in 1 or more of your selected categories.

Drag & drop to re-arrange your recipes. Sort and arrange your recipes in many different ways.

Arrange your recipes the way you like it. Conveniently sort your recipe collection to find a recipe that suits your current needs.

Shortcuts to make quick changes to your recipe

Make quick changes to your recipe by swiping left or right on an ingredient and do things like adding a note, changing ingredient quantity, updating stock and more.

Quickly add ingredients to your shopping lists.

Tap on the + button to quickly add an ingredient to your shopping list. You can pick 1 to many lists and Grocery King will remember your selection the next time.


Swipe to the right to access quick list shortcut to update how much quantity you want to get.

Unlock the full power of Grocery King




Lookup local catalog sales for 100's of nationwide retailers. Save money by shopping only for the best deals.

Effortlessly lookup millions of items from our cloud database and create shopping lists with your favorite items with minimal typing.

Save time and effort by planning your meals in advance. Use monthly or weekly calendar to get a bigger picture of meal schedule.




No need to type in recipes manually, just search for recipes by ingredient or name and let the app find matching recipes that you can import.

Organize your recipe catalog from the comfort of your laptop or desktop computer. Sync all changes you make to your mobile device.

See all your high priority items conveniently on your iPhone's today screen without needing to open the app. Check off an item directly from todays screen.

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