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Introducing Grocery King for iMessage, a visual shopping list app completely re-imagined for the messaging world. Designed to help you and your loved ones to easily collaborate grocery shopping.

Easily collaborate your shopping task with your loved ones

Very simple to use, just tap on an item that you want to shop, pick the quantity and send the message.


On the recipient end, the item to be purchased is clearly displayed with big beautiful imagery that further ensures that the correct item is purchased from the store the first time around and hence saving you time and effort.


To mark an item as shopped, just tap on the item in the message window and select the quantity you have purchased and press the send button and voila the item is marked as completed for everyone to see

Pick from a massive catalog of pre-built curated set of grocery items

Quickly pick from 1000's of grocery items that have big bold crisp imagery and are specially curated to contain popular everyday grocery items

Intelligent search to quickly find items to shop

Powerful and intelligent search to quickly find an item from your catalog. You can perform a broad search for a category to see all items in it or you can perform name specific searches. You can even create a new item directly from the search bar.

Full Customizable Catalog

Completely customizable, you can update, delete existing categories or create your own custom categories, add new items or update existing ones.


You can also capture a photo with your camera or pick item from your photo library and create an item that can be added to a category.

Create Favorite lists to quickly find items that you shop repeatedly

Plan ahead by checking if all ingredients in your meal plan are currently in stock. If not then quickly add items from your meal plan to the shopping list.

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Lookup local catalog sales for 100's of nationwide retailers. Save money by shopping only for the best deals.

Effortlessly lookup millions of items from our cloud database and create shopping lists with your favorite items with minimal typing.

Save time and effort by planning your meals in advance. Use monthly or weekly calendar to get a bigger picture of meal schedule.




No need to type in recipes manually, just search for recipes by ingredient or name and let the app find matching recipes that you can import.

Organize your recipe catalog from the comfort of your laptop or desktop computer. Sync all changes you make to your mobile device.

See all your high priority items conveniently on your iPhone's today screen without needing to open the app. Check off an item directly from todays screen.

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